Why wait for start-up pitch competition days, when you can view start-up pitch videos by start-up founders, any time?

With just under $6B in cumulative AUM between VCs and angel investors across the globe and a curated group of diverse early stage space startups showcasing a range of innovative emerging technologies, we present Kosmic Platform.

A full-service investor account on the Kosmic Portal offers visibility to all start-ups and basic information including location of their headquarters, services offered, and existing funding.

To delve deeper, participants* can view streamlined one-pagers for each start-up that provides key information of interest to investors – including Team Structure, Existing Funding, Funding Requirements, Technology Overview, Initial Market Assessment, and Investment Readiness Level.

*Access to our platform is currently limited to early participants. If you are a startup or investor interested in participating via our platform or if you have any other inquiries, please reach out to info@kosmicapple.com.